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6 Tips For First-Time Dog Breeders:


1. Learn Everything About Your Dog’s Breed

All dogs are different, over the centuries dogs have become so wildly diverse that each breed has developed its little quirks. Before you even think about starting to breed them, you want to make sure you have studied the ins and outs of the breed meticulously.

Some dogs have different gestation periods, needs, and potential complications during pregnancy. Only after you feel confident you know everything about the breed you have chosen should you look into the finer details of dog breeding.

2. Visit the Vet Beforehand

Your vet will give them a thorough checkup for any illnesses that they might have. They will also look for any issues during the pregnancy that can be foreseen, and make sure they have good enough genetics that they should even be bred at all. Many dogs have complications such as poor hips and eyes, these dogs are not ideal for breeding because their offspring will suffer from the same problems.

Even if you went ahead and bred that dog anyway, you may find it hard to sell the puppies that are almost guaranteed to have the same issues as the parents. It is highly important you specify to the vet that you are thinking of breeding them and ask their advice on whether you can proceed.

3. Visit Other Breeders

They don’t have to even be breeding the same type of dog as you are. Much of the knowledge they will be able to pass on will be universal. Not all breeders will be happy to spend time with you sharing their tips and tricks, especially those who make all of their money breeding. You should let them know before you go that you plan to ask them some questions and will be seeking advice. It is polite, it also saves you both time if they aren’t interested in teaching you.

Many people will be very enthusiastic to share all they know, so don’t worry too much. You can learn plenty of information they will give you from books and the internet. But, getting advice face to face from another person is much more beneficial. If you develop a good relationship with them now, you will have someone you can call during the pregnancy and the pup’s first few weeks. Having someone you trust that you can call for advice will be so helpful.

4. Make Yourself Prepared

Make sure you are fully prepared for the entire pregnancy, birth, and early days of the pups before you even start. Where will they stay? Do you have all the bedding you will need? Do you know what food they will need? These might all sound obvious considerations, but some things may slip your mind.

It is harder to communicate with a dog about how they are feeling and gauge how close they are than it is to ask a person. You don’t want to be caught out with one of your dogs going into labor, only to realize you haven’t set anything up. It is best to keep the vet on speed dial just in case something goes wrong in the birthing process.

5. Take Notes

If you plan to breed dogs more than once, any information you learn first hand will be so valuable. Especially if you are having more than one litter with the same pair. Your knowledge will be great not just for you, but for others too. Wouldnt you like to be able to pass on your knowledge to new dog breeders? Even if you don’t feel you will end up using all your notes at a later date, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even so, you may like to have the notes as a memento from the whole process. It might be nice to have for sentimental reasons.

6. Lastly, Enjoy the Process.

Whether you are doing this to make money or for fun, it is still a really beautiful process. One that ends in PUPPIES! What more could you want? Make sure you take the time to really take it all in and show your dogs that you love them. The dogs worry over their puppies, just like you do, showing them you are there for them will make the whole process so much less stressful for them.


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