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Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines


It is normal for dogs in the Philippines to be a mixed breed. In fact, you are going to notice that almost every street in the Philippines has a dog walking. After all, dogs are pretty popular here as these animals relieve stress. Some dog owners don’t know how to take good care of their dogs though as they leave them locked in a cage all day. It would be better to take good care of them like they are your friends because they are very friendly. Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in the Philippines:

Shih Tzu

These are toy dogs and they don’t move around that much. They are known to slouch around at their owner’s houses. They are pretty playful when you give them something to play with too. They leave around a lot of pet hair so that is something you must get used to when you decide to own this dog breed. This breed needs to be regularly groomed so get ready for frequent visits to the dog groomer.

Chow Chow

It is like a bigger version of the Pom. It is pretty fluffy so you won’t have a hard time identifying what breed it is. Like the above breed, this would need pretty frequent visits to the dog groomer. Its hair would need to get cut rather quickly or else it would grow fast.


It is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. However, it is pretty nasty to strangers so you better get on its good side rather quickly. They won’t mind attacking dogs that are much larger than them. This breed is also pretty fast despite its size so you may have a hard time chasing it around.


These are pretty active dogs as they move around the house a lot. Their bodies are shaped like a hot dog. They roll over a lot when they are comfortable with your presence. They are mean towards strangers though so better keep them away from people they don’t know. They are great to be companions with on long walks. Like the Chihuahua, it is pretty brave as it won’t hesitate to fight with bigger dogs. It will also roll over when they meet their master.

Siberian Husky

They look pretty similar to the ones that are being used to pull sleds at cold areas. They don’t deserve to be treated like that though. They are perfect home companions. They are pretty large compared to other dogs but they are still very friendly. Their eyes are pretty sharp when it becomes dark which is why they are used to find things that are lost. That should not happen all the time though as they are very friendly towards their master.


A lot of people own beagles due to how nice they are. They have long fluffy ears and have black spots on their skin. This dog breed can be paired with any other breed and it will make for a good combination. They are not too fast so better get used to that when you take them out for a walk. It would be best to take them out during night time.

French Bulldog

It is a smaller version of the American bulldog. Most dog owners would prefer to sleep with this dog right beside them. It is very playful and cuddly. It is always game for anything. The cutest one has gone to be the one that is all black.

You are going to have man’s best friend by your side no matter which of the above dog breeds you end up owning. In fact, it would be advisable to own more than one dog so the dog will have a playmate. The Philippines is no stranger to dogs as there are a lot of dog breeders there. In fact, most shopping malls allow dogs to be brought into their establishment. They know it will promote peace and harmony in the area. There are also a lot of dog grooming centers which is where you have your dog’s hair get trimmed. It is also where they can take a bath even though you can also do that at home.


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