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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Breed


There are different factors to consider before you choose which breed of dog to get. For instance, you should select a breed that complements you and your personality. Additionally, if you have a family with young children, you should get a dog that is well-know for getting along well with kids. You should also think about whether a large or small dog suits your lifestyle and home best. Ask yourself the following questions before you commit to one breed.

Questions to Ask Yourself

* Do I want a large or small dog?

* Will the dog fit in well with my lifestyle?   

* Do I prefer a short haired or a long-haired dog?  

* What type of outside features do I find cutest/most appealing?

* Do I want a dog that is feisty, dependent, or playful?

* Would I prefer a show dog?

* Will my pup remain indoors or stay outdoors much of the time?

* Do I want a guard dog?

* How much time and attention can I devote to my pup?

* Would I prefer a dog that is independent and can be left alone for long periods of time?

* Would I prefer a mixed-breed dog instead?

Once you have answered these questions and you have a type of dog in mind, you must make another decision. Will you adopt a dog from the shelter or purchase a dog from a breeder?

If you choose the latter, there are certain steps you can take.  

Advice Regarding Breeders

If you choose the latter, the first step is to contact the breeder and find out if they have any dogs available for purchase. You can easily find out your dog’s pedigree online once you know the breeder. This will show you that the breeder does not cross-breed and that your dog’s lineage is pure-bred.

Before you completely settle on a breed or type of dog, learn where you find them, and try to spend some time with the dogs there. If you have any children, bring them with you so that you can watch how they and the dog interact together.  Always find out as much information about the breed as you can so you can make an informed decision.

If you find a dog that completely suits you, and your family, if you have one, then go ahead and get your future best friend for life.


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