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Hard-to-Train Dog Breeds


While there are a few hard-to-train dog breeds, for the most part, man’s best friend is smart and easily trained to live in harmony with his human “pack.” Dogs are such fun and loving pets to have as part of your family once they have been well-trained.

The actual process of training can be a more of a challenge with certain breeds more than with others. Even so, success is entirely feasible if you approach each training session with a calm yet firm disposition. This, and having the determination and will to stick to a consistent training schedule, will bring about the best results.

Every individual dog has his or own unique personality, but there are some behavioral traits which are common within the majority of dogs of a particular breed. However, despite a tendency towards stubbornness for these breeds, it is rarely impossible to teach a dog how to behave.

Most of the breeds known for being difficult to train have above-average intelligence. Highly intelligent dogs are more likely to be stubborn and independent. They may even appear at times to be taunting the owner or trainer. But once such a dog has learned his or her esson about the master is, he or she will more than likely turn out to be a steadfastly loyal companion. 

List of Breeds

Training is always possible – it just may take more patience with certain breeds

Here are some of the most infamously hard-to-train dog breeds:

  • Border Collies need lots of room to run. Due to their inherent affinity for herding, they have almost boundless energy that needs an outlet.
  • Rottweiler dogs are known for being excellent watch dogs. Unfortunately, they are often unfairly stereotyped as being ferocious. In truth, these dogs make wonderful, loving pets when trained properly. However, it must be noted that, as very loyal dogs, they can become a bit overprotective of their owner. But once trained, they tend be very obedient dogs.
  • Huskies are needy. Unless you provide them with almost constant attention, they may resort to unwanted behaviors in order to be noticed. Hunters at heart, they are also very energetic.
  • Akita dogs are very loyal, loving pets, but they tend to not get along with other dogs because of their desire for dominance.
  • Terriers as a whole are usually hard to train; there are quite a few breed groups that are all considered “terriers.” These pups love to play and show off. They are full of energy and can quickly wreak havoc on and within a with their antics.
  • Bloodhounds are often humorously depicted as lazy, stubborn, and aloof dogs. This actually is not far from the truth. However, they perk up considerably when they are on the trail.

In Conclusion…

Intelligent + energetic + independent = a challenge to train

If you own one of these breeds of dogs, then you will probably struggle to establish dominance over them and to train them. Whenever the dog is in your presence, it is imperative that you act in a confident, firm manner. The way you carry yourself and the tone of your voice will either reinforce that you are the dominant party or betray any underlying fears or insecurities that you may have. If you are unsure of yourself in any way, your dog will detect it and take advantage of your weakness.

It’s always good idea to do some in-depth research before buying or adopting new any puppy or dog. You should always choose both a breed and individual dog that suits your own personality. And consider joining obedience classes with your dog to help make the whole process easier.


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