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How to Choose the Right Trainer for Your Dog


If your dog’s behavior is consistently bad or if you are a first time dog owner, you may want to hire the right trainer for your pup to learn the basics. However, it’s important that you choose a dog trainer who connects well with you dog. So here are 10 tips and questions for you to consider on how to choose the right trainer for your dog.

Tips for Choosing the Right Trainer

1. The trainer should use techniques that do not harm your dog on any level.

2. His or her methods should not be harsh, but instead treat the dog fairly, firmly, and kindly.

3. The trainer should become familiar and comfortable with your pup’s personality and needs before getting too far along in the training process.

4. Does the trainer keep you informed as to how your dog is progressing through the training?

5. Does the trainer require your presence during the actual training?

6. How much does the trainer charge per hour?

7. Does the trainer give you a time-frame for when you can expect to see results?

8. Does the trainer praise your dog frequently?

9. Does your dog seem comfortable with the trainer?

10. Does the trainer provide you with helpful information that you can use after he or she has completed the training process?

Keep in Mind…

how to choose the right trainer for your dog

There is another factor that you should consider when trying to choose the right trainer. Check to make sure that the trainer you have in mind is a certified member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  You can access this online site for additional information: http://www.apdt.com

Keep in mind that these are merely 10 tips to for choosing the right dog trainer. However, during the training process, sometimes it might be you, the owner, who cannot seem to get a handle on your dog’s behavior. Most good trainers will tell you that when a new dog first enters a home, it establishes its territory. He or she wants to be the alpha. 

The key to successfully training any dog or breed is to assert yourself as the alpha.  Once your dog understands you are the pack leader, he or she will obey your commands. Of course, this will take some time, but it is certainly achievable with love and care. 

Group Training Sessions

There is one last consideration in choosing the right trainer: does the trainer provide group sessions in addition to solo training? Most owners and dogs alike find group sessions fun.  And a benefit is that when a dog is trained with other dogs, he or she tends to be much calmer and more receptive to instructions. Additionally, socializing your pup with other dogs is crucial to preventing aggressive behavior towards other animals in the future. 

Most experts recommend both that you have your dog trained individually in addition to group training. With all this in mind, you’ll surely be able to choose the perfect trainer for you dog in no time.


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