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Top Three Most Popular Hypoallergenic Dogs


There are many dog breeds that are perfect for those who suffer from allergies with the top three most popular hypoallergenic dogs being the Chinese Crested, Kerry Blue Terrier, and the Schnauzer. These beautiful breeds have short hair without an undercoat; thus, they do not shed nearly as much as other, non-hypoallergenic breeds. These dogs are purebred and breeders can be found online or in the telephone book.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is available in two varieties: hairless and powder puff. Both types are hypoallergenic. The hairless, which is more common than the powder puff, has hair on its paws, head, and tail; hair may also grow on its chin. Their hair is soft, and they do not shed as often as other breeds. However, on the downside, the hairless Chinese crested is prone to sunburn and acne. You should learn what kind of special care and grooming is required for this dog before buying one. Personality-wise, these dogs are very friendly and loving towards their owners. 

On the other hand, the powder puff Chinese Crested has a full coat of long, soft hair. However, l like the hairless Chinese Crested, they do not shed often. People have fewer allergy issues with powder puffs because their does not float through the air long enough for people to be affected. Thus, both the hairless and the powder puff varieties are suitable companions for those with dog allergies. 

Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a larger hypoallergenic dog that has a flat head, big chest, and a coat that is similar in texture to that of a Poodle or Maltese dog. The dog gets its name from the fact that its coat will take on a bluish color once it is an adult. Originally used for hunting, the Kerry Blue Terrier is now considered a working dog and requires lots of attention and devoted companionship. 

In order to maintain a Kerry Blue Terrier’s coat, have your dog groomed every two months and brush its coat once a week to prevent clumping. Since the breed does not shed at all, this is one of the better hypoallergenic dogs to choose. Additionally, Kerry Blue Terriers do not have an undercoat, which will also reduce allergic reactions. However, because of this, you should not let your dog outside in cold weather, since it has less fur to keep it warm.


The Schnauzer has short hair and does not shed. However, if you get a Schnauzer, you will have to schedule regular grooming appointments. The Schnauzer comes in three different varieties: the Miniature Schnauzer, the Standard Schnauzer, and the Giant Schnauzer. Although they vary in size, all types of Schnauzer can be recognized by their boxy faces, short hair, and square build. This breed popular in general they are low maintenance and very easy going.

So if you think you are allergic to dogs but really want one, maybe this information will help!


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