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Why You Should Buy a Small Dog if You’re Allergic


There are multiple reasons why you should buy a small dog if you are allergic. Because of their small stature, most breeds cannot climb on the couch, bed, or other furniture. Thus, there are fewer hairs and fewer allergens on your furniture, so their effects on you will be far lesser. Additionally, small dogs usually want to have their own area and personal space. They will favor a certain a dog bed or blanket that you will be able to wash often to rid of allergens. Furthermore, keeping small dogs in a crate whenever you aren’t at home will make them feel safe. This also reduces allergens from being spread through your home.

General Physical Characteristics

Small dogs also usually have shorter hair or long and thin hairs. Either way, these types of hair do not cause as many problems for those with allergies. Although you will have to take these dogs to be groomed more often than certain other types, you’ll also be able to breathe more easily around them since they do not shed as often. Another plus for allergic people, is that most small dog breeds do not produce a surplus of saliva, which, like dog hair, can set off an allergic reaction. 

Taking Care of Your Small Dog

While deciding upon a breed of small dog, you should prioritize finding one that suits your lifestyle. In general, small dogs like being with their owners and don’t enjoy being alone. If you you’d rather a less dependent dog, then you should find a different type hypoallergenic dog rather than going for a small breed.

Although all dogs need exercise, small dogs don’t require as much. Small dogs can’t go for long walks because they tire out easily, but you can still take them for short ones in places that they are familiar with, such as the park or your neighborhood. Small dogs are very playful and also enjoy playing with toys and their owners at home. Certain breeds of small dog do not have undercoats, so you will need to buy them a small sweater for when the weather gets cold. Regardless of the breed’s coat type, you should never leave any small dog outside in the cold for too long. 

Conclusion? Small Dogs Make Great Pets

If you live in a small apartment or home, a small dog is much more suited to the amount of space than larger dogs. So, as should be clear, small dogs are wonderful companions for those who suffer from allergies as well as for those who don’t. As always, research the breeds you are interested in before buying one so that you will know how to effectively train, discipline, and show your new pup affection. 


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