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Step-by-Step Dog Training at Home


Regardless of whether or not you’ve just gotten a new puppy or have adopted an older dog, you should begin step-by-step dog training at home as soon possible.  If this is your very first dog, you’ll most likely be surprised by just how much work you may have to put in. But you’ll also find that the rewards and joys of owning a dog are even greater than the efforts to train and take care of them.

Knowing how to train your dog may not come naturally at first. Although there is always the option to have a trainer teach your dog, that costs money, and you may miss out on making some good memories with your pup. So, here is a step-by-step guide for owners who want to train their dogs themselves at home.

Basic Dog Training Steps

step-by-step dog training at home

Firstly, you should make sure that your dog understands that you, and every other member of your family, are the boss. Children in particular should be respected and treated carefully by your pup. 

Next on the list is potty training. No one wants ruined floors carpets or a stinky home. Your dog should be immediately shown where he or she can go potty.

You will also need to teach your dog that he or she has territorial limits. Put up some markers or spray the perimeter of your yard with a very diluted mixture of water and ammonia. Next, walk your dog around the perimeter of your property with his or her leash. If your pup begins to cross the marked boundaries, say no in a stern voice and softly tug him or her with the leash. Continue this until he or she stops trying to go farther than the boundaries.

Mealtime is a great opportunity for teaching your dog some manners. No one wants their dog to beg for scraps at the table. So, after you or your family has eaten, place your dog’s food in front of him or her in a different room. Teach your pup to sit and patiently wait for the food to be given to him or her. If your dog comes to the table again, you’ll need to keep bringing him or her to the designated feeding room so they’ll learn to wait for their meal.

Advanced Dog Training Steps

Once you’ve demonstrated your alpha status to your pup, you can begin training your dog step-by-step tricks, such as sit, stay, fetch, and so on. In addition to using verbal commands, it’s recommended that you use hand signals as well. Also, use a calm, steady voice rather than an irritable or excited one for greater effectiveness. And always heap tons of praise on your dog when he or she listens to you.

If you’re having lots of trouble training your dog at home, you should seek the help of a professional trainer. There are great sources of information from dog training books and on the internet. Here are two especially good sources:

The Dog Whisperer is a nationally syndicated show about dog training. The website for this show is called “Cesar’s Way.” The web address is http://www.cesarsway.com

IAMS has some helpful tips for dealing with problematic behaviors at http://www.iams.com/iams/pet-health/dog-obedience.jsp

Once you’ve completed basic step-by-step dog training, you can begin to teach your dog some extra fun tricks. You can even come up with new tricks based on your dog’s unique personality and quirks. Good luck, and have a ton of fun with your pup!


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