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Turn Your Pup Into the Ideal Dog


There’s a ton of advice about how owners can turn their pup into the ideal dog. After all, it’s what we want here at Best Care Dog Info. But the question is: do they even exist? Well, the answer is the same as the answer to the question: is there a perfect person? Of course, the answer to that is simply no! Of course, there are many great people out there, and, likewise, there are really dogs out there too who are worth having as one’s companion. 

Best advice for turning your pup into the ideal dog

So what’s the trick to ensuring your puppy will grow into the best dog that they can be? This is the best advice that I can give. Rather than going to puppy school and only focusing on nifty, fun tricks such as high-fives, roly-polies, the commando crawl, etc., you should ask yourself this: is this what my ideal dog actually does? Is my ideal dog basically just doing cool but pointless tricks so that I can show them off to visitors?

Ironically, in many of these cases, the next thing that the dog owner has to do is tell the visitors to not go near the dog’s bowl, to not be overly friendly with the dog, to tell them to keep their kids away from the dog’s toys, etc.  

Teaching your dog good behavior is more important than only fun tricks to show off his or her smarts

Isn’t that wild? Some people spend and effort focusing on how to do these sorts of extraneous commands but do not think about some of the really important stuff until it’s too late. 

Curious why this is the case? This is because most dog owners are just doing what everyone else is doing – namely, focusing solely on training a dog the sit, down, and stay commands. These commands are far too often given too much of a prioritization by owners who then think they don’t have to do anything else to train their dog to have good behavior.

But think about it: a dog has never been euthanized because they didn’t sit or stay properly, or because they obeyed a down command a bit slowly. Nobody really cares about that stuff because it’s not something that is (usually) gravely detrimental or harmful to others when not obeyed.

Avoid this major problem

On the contrary, aggression is a major problem: more dogs are put to sleep for aggression, barking, and growling than for any other reason. Aggression in any form, and whether it be to children, owners, or strangers is always nothing but bad and problematic. 

There’s nothing more dangerous than an uncontrollable dog that drags you along on their leash and completely ignores you when you let them off. Not only is it extremely inconvenient to you, it presents a great danger to the dog themselves, particularly when around cars and other dogs. Yet, despite the urgency of this matter, so few dog trainers show you how to prevent all of this, because, in fact, very few actually really understand it themselves! 

Aggression is dangerous for others as well as the dog itself

In reality, the majority of people’s true (if initially unrealized) idea of an ideal dog will, in no particular order, include all of the 5 following behaviors: 

  1. Calm around all other animals, including other dogs 
  2. Friendly to all/most people, including children 
  3. Mostly relaxed around the home
  4. Obedient to their owner’s commands, including when out in public
  5. Well-behaved when on walks (with or without a leash)

But how, you ask…

So then, the next question is how to go about achieving this all-around good behavior. The great news is that it’s not complicated, all thanks to Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer video website. Dan offers a 3 Day $1 trial run of the site that you can take advantage of, so I highly recommend that the next thing you do today is to take a look at the site! 

turn your pup into the ideal dog
You’ll have a happy, well-adjusted pup in no time, thanks to Doggy Dan’s training

Doggy Dan has filmed his own 8 week old puppy, Moses, growing up for an entire year and presented a series of lessons each week that you should learn at that particular stage of your puppy’s life. This way, you get to watch and train your puppy at the exact right time, making sure that problems don’t manifest themselves later on!

Ongoing help…

Additionally, once your dog is fully grown, the site has info and advice for every single type of problem pertaining to training your dog into an ideal dog. In-depth sections cover topics such as health, food, and behavior as well. 

Doggy Dan’s site is really a fantastic resource for any dog owner, having over 250 videos inside. It will show you exactly how to achieve those 5 important behaviors that I mentioned earlier, as well as much more! So if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site HERE


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