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What is Dominance Training and How Does it Work?


There are various ideas about the best ways to train your dog – dominance training is one approach. What is dominance training and how does it work? Glad you asked 🙂

Most people believe that all dogs have a natural tendency to try to dominate other dogs. Because of this, some dog owners are reluctant to take their dog to places where they could encounter other dogs, fearing that a fight could break out. 

However, understanding the truth about dog behavior and the nature of dogs in general will help put your fears to rest. Then you can start taking your pup to many different public places without having to worry about an aggressive response. The key is to first establish yourself as the dominant figure in relation to your dog in order to better control his or her behavior. 

You might have once observed a group of dogs playing together at some point in your life. Perhaps you noticed some rhyme or reason to their interactions but didn’t quite know what to make of it. So here are the facts. During social encounters of all-male or male and female dogs, one of them will always establish himself as the Alpha Male. It is always a male dog that takes this position of leadership. The Alpha Male insists on submission from the other dogs. However, this is not a despot position since he looks after and protects submissive dogs. Thus, there is rarely a fight to overthrow the alpha. Many dogs are naturally submissive and fully accept their place within the pack.

Tips for Dominance Training

what is dominance training and how does it work?

Taking all of this into consideration, you should aim to establish yourself as the Alpha Male in your dog’s mind. Being the alpha “male” does not have to do with gender however; female dog owners can and must also assert themselves as the alpha. After you have gone through basic training with your dog, you can begin to insist even more on submission and obedience. This is dominance training.

Here are a few pointers to help you with dominance training.

1. When feeding your dog, ensure that he or she sits still and waits for you to give permission for him or her to approach the bowl. 

2. When you both are walking through a doorway, make sure that you go first (I remember getting this tip when we went through training with Rufus). He or she must always wait for you to go through. Show him or her that it is unacceptable for him or her to shove past you.

3. When you take a walk, make your pup remain close by your side. Under no circumstances should you allow your dog to lead and pull you around. 

Extra Dominance Training Advice

If your dog ignores any of your commands, you should correct that disobedience as soon as possible. Walk sternly toward him or her and do your best to give off a confident, dominant vibe. Lower your voice, use your hands to emphasize your language, and block him or her from leaving if they attempt to escape. 

Once you have established yourself as the alpha via the process of dominance training, you will then be in greater control of your dog’s behavior, particularly when he or she is in the presence of other dogs. Now the dogs will be able to comfortably and naturally get to know each other without you having to worry about a minor situation escalating. 


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