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Easy Puppy Training Tips


One of the best things about puppies is that they are so full of vivacity and excitement – but at the same time, this necessitates the need of learning some easy puppy training tips to keep your puppy under control. But fear not – puppy training is a straightforward process once you know what to do.

First of All…

When you first bring your puppy home, he or she will probably be either excited or frightened by the new environment – or maybe a bit of both. You’ll obviously want to cuddle and play together as well as just get more familiar with one another overall. But during this process, it is very important that you do not allow your pup to chew on your fingers or to bite you. If you let your puppy think that it is acceptable to do such things, it will be much more difficult to fix that habit once he or she grows up. 

Now, let’s go over some easy puppy training tips.

Easy Potty Training Tips

Some people prefer to start their puppy’s potty training with the use of a dog crate. This works because it is unlikely that a puppy would knowingly soil his or her sleeping place. However, keep in mind that this potty training technique is only effective when the puppy is old enough to control his or her bladder and bowels. 

Another method of potty training is showing your pup to the door as soon as you hear him or her start whining or looking like they’re about to go potty. If you keep this up with consistency, he or she will soon make the connection.

Easy Teething Tips

Puppies love chewing on things, so you should be sure to give them at least several toys that they can safely chew on while they teethe. Keep in mind that dogs always respond better to rewards and praise than they do to punishment. So, if your pup starts to chew on your furniture or any objects that you want safe and intact, stop him or her immediately with a firm “no,” and then take him or her to a designated area to give him or her a chew toy. As soon as your puppy begins to chew the toy, give him or her lots of praise. This will let him or her know what is bad behavior to be avoided and what is good behavior that is acceptable and praised. 

Easy Socialization Tips

easy puppy training tips

To prevent aggressive behavior and potential dog fights in the future, it is crucial that you introduce your puppy to other dogs (and other types of animals) as soon as possible. As always, remember that training your puppy now will spare you much frustration and stress later on. During the socialization process, be sure that neither dog is allowed to establish dominance over the other. That position is reserved for each pup’s respective owners and people in general.

Easy Tips for Barking and Whining Puppies

Barking and whining are habits that are difficult to fully control in a dog. It would obviously be totally unfair to expect your pup to never bark. But it is inconvient to have a dog bark 24/7. Therefore, the solution is training him or her to know that it’s OK to bark only during appropriate circumstances. These are the times that it is it alright for your dog to bark:

1.      When he or she is scared. 

2.      When he or she is excited (particularly when seeing you or someone/something that they are attached to). 

3.      When someone enters your property or knocks on the door. Praise him or her for doing a good job of protecting you and your home, but do not allow the barking to persist after the incident. 

4.      It is natural for dogs around the neighborhood to communicate with one another through barking. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to allow your puppy to the whole day and through the night. But at certain times throughout the day that are appropriate for you, simply allow them to bark some. 

Puppy training can be challenging at times yet is always extremely rewarding. The may be times that your puppy will test your patience. But if you keep a calm attitude and a positive outlook throughout the experience of learning these easy puppy training tips, your precious pup will emulate your vibe and grow into a wonderful companion for life. 


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