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Pup Academy: What To Expect From Season 2 | Screen Rant


Will Disney and Netflix move forward with Pup Academy season 2? And if so, will the same pups and people reprise their roles, and will the premise stay the same? Created by Anna McRoberts, the family series centers on the power of friendship between canines and their human being pals. Pup Academy season 1 released in February 2020 on Netflix.

In Pup Academy season 1, the founder of the titular institution, Charlie (Don Lake), introduces a magical alternate reality to his grandson Morgan (Christian Convery). After disappearing into a toilet (!), the two humans arrive at Pup Academy — a special place where the Canis Primus constellation allows dogs and human to learn more about each other. Charlie is known as the HOC (Human on Campus), and Morgan teams up with a stray doggie to keep Pup Academy moving in the right direction. Pup Academy season 1 was produced by Air Bud Entertainment.

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A prophecy drives the storyline in Pup Academy season 1, which leads to some conflict between Morgan and a stray boxer named Spark. Upon fulfilling a “Paw Pact” involving a stolen whistle, Spark learns that she’s viewed as a bad pup, or at least one who still needs to learn a few lessons. As a result, the foundation of Pup Academy is weakened through misunderstandings. Will the series get a second season?

Technically, Pup Academy season 1 hasn’t finished on Netflix, as the first installment release doesn’t include episodes that already aired on Disney Channel in November and December 2019. Once Netflix catches up, expect the streaming service to assess viewing numbers with Disney and then make a decision. In that case, expect Pup Academy season 2 to be officially announced three to six weeks after the final Pup Academy season 1 episodes release, most likely sometime in late 2020.

If Netflix sticks with the one-season-per-year model, then Pup Academy season 2 will theoretically release in 2021. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it’s unclear how the production process will move forward throughout the rest of 2020. Due to the unorthodox release schedule between Disney Channel and Netflix, it’s safe to say that Pup Academy season 2 will release in the middle part of 2021, give or take a couple months. It’s also possible that new episodes won’t release until early 2022, if only because there isn’t a firm date in place for the rest of Pup Academy season 1 on Netflix.

As of now, Netflix viewers know that Pup Academy’s first 12 episodes build to the reveal that Professor Fitz and D.O.G., the Pup Academy Dean, are plotting to end the era of friendship between humans and dogs. Without spoiling anything for the Netflix crowd, the end of the season shows that Morgan, Charlie and company will need to work together and embrace the heart of their friendship in the next season. After all, there’s a literal heart of friendship at Pup Academy that can be used to channel the Canis Primus constellation. As for Pup Academy season 2 on Disney Channel and Netflix, we can predict that there will indeed be more comedic banter amongst talking pups.

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