Does Your Dog Find ‘Snacks’ on Walks? Here’s What You Should Do


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    Some dogs are picky eaters who will graze over a bowl of food all day and turn away most fruits and vegetables you offer up. And other dogs are major scavengers who will eat any food or food-like substance that crosses their path.

    When your dog is walking ahead of you and finds some unknown substance to quickly sniff and swallow before you can reach them, should you be worried? Might the food have been spoiled or unsafe for dogs? These are possibilities, but so are the alternatives. They likely found a harmless little mid-walk snack. But for the dog parents who do worry (as many of us do), here are some thoughts from vet professionals to guide you and hopefully put your mind at ease.

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    Be prepared for your dog to find snacks

    If you know your dog is among the garbage disposal, will-eat-anything category, try to be prepared on walks. Keep your dog close to you. If they’re too far ahead it’s easier for them to find a little treat and scarf it down before you can even catch up and see what it was. If they’re closer you also have a chance of grabbing the food before it’s swallowed. Whenever possible, try to pry open their mouth and scoop out the mystery item, gross as it may be. If you are able to get it out, you might be able to identify if it was anything harmful.

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    Alternatively, knowing your dog is food-motivated, bring some favorite treats on walks. If they grab something, immediately get a tasty treat from your pocket and see if you can make a trade. Reward them for dropping the mystery item. You can also train a “drop it” command ahead of time.

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