How WeRateDogs conquered the internet


    With more than 14-million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, WeRateDogs is on a mission that everyone on planet Earth can get behind: Rating cute doggos from the internet on a (dubious!) 10-point scale.

    This blend of adorable dog pics, comedic captions, and obsessive fan-submitted content has catapulted the novelty account and its creator, Matt Nelson, into a massive online brand, which uses its influence to entertain millions, sell merch, and help dogs in need.

    This week on 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, Alli and Jen talk with Nelson about the inspiration for the account, how its explosive popularity changed his life, the serious inflation problem in the dog rating, that time J.K. Rowling and Lin-Manuel Miranda followed him, why everything’s political on Twitter, and his perfect response when Arnold Schwarzenegger asked him to rate his donkeys.

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