Fireworks & Pets: Tips for a Low-Stress Holiday


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    This is a guest post by great Dogster friend Molly Kenefick, founder and manager of Doggy Lama Pet Care

    Independence Day is almost here, and while we humans may love a good fireworks display, our dogs (and other pets, too) may feel as if those loud, unpredictable sounds signal the coming of the end of the world. Our dogs may suddenly do things weve never known them to do, but with a little preparation and forethought, we can make our nations birthday a relatively safe, easy, and relaxing holiday for us and our pets. Here are some tips to help ensure you and your dog have a low-stress holiday:

    Never take your dog to a firework display.
    If at all possible, be home with your dog when you think fireworks will be going off. No one wants to be alone when they’re afraid.

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