A Puppy With Green Fur Was Born In Italy And The Owners Named Him Pistachio


    Nature seems to always find a way to surprise us in the most unexpected ways. One of Mother Nature’s surprises of this kind recently fell into the hands of this one particular Italian farmer named Cristian Mallocci.

    Apparently, Cristian’s doggy Spelacchia gave birth to five puppies and one of them happened to have green fur. Yes, you read this correctly.

    This uniquely colored pupper was born on a farm located on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia

    Image credits: Reuters

    This tiny cutie was immediately named Pistachio to reflect his unusual coat. All four of Pistachio’s siblings had white fur, the same color as their mother, who is a mixed-breed dog.

    Turns out, while Pistachio’s brothers and sisters will be given away to new homes, the owner is planning on keeping this green fluffy boy on his farm and training him to look after the sheep along with his mother.

    The doggy was immediately named Pistachio

    Image credits: Reuters

    Needless to say, it’s quite unusual for a dog to be born with green fur. There are two natural ways for this to happen. It is believed to occur when a doggy with light-colored fur gets stained by the “meconium” in the mother’s womb—the earliest stool produced by an infant animal. The green color can also be caused by a green pigment in the mother’s womb called biliverdin.

    This rare phenomenon can be caused by the green pigment in the mother’s womb

    Image credits: Reuters

    Unfortunately, this green color won’t last forever. The owner told Reuters that it’s already starting to fade and will continue to do so until it’s completely gone.

    The color won’t last forever and is already starting to fade

    Image credits: Reuters

    Here’s what people on the interwebs are saying about the adorable Pistachio

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