Genuine happiness


    Have you ever felt that genuine happiness? That kind where you have to smile because of something and you can’t stop?

    When I walk through our train station I often see pigeons. And sometimes there are many pigeons, and I just have to smile. When I see dogs walking by, I always smile as well. They’re all so cute!

    Sometimes when I do things that can easily be taken for granted, like making way for someone who wants to pass by in a store. Often people won’t thank you for that (at least where I live). I guess it’s debatable if you have to thank anyone for doing this, but when people thank me for that, I have to smile. I don’t mean like smiling as a reply. If they passed me, I will just stand there and be so happy.

    I hope anyone can relate to this genuine kind of happiness. If you ever have such moments, enjoy them and remind yourself of them if you ever feel sad. And feel free to put your own moments like that in the comments!

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