Great Danes In Comparison To Normal Sized Things


    Great Danes are so freakin’ adorable because they don’t realize just how big they are. They are huge with equally huge hearts and so they simply act as if they’re small enough to sit on your lap. They aren’t small enough and they won’t fit, as hard as they try and boy, do they try! 

    We have a great appreciation for these giant puppers, they are often the most gentle of dogs. Giant dogs do not understand their size just adds to their overall adorableness and their gentleness

    A common misconception is that Great Danes are called that due to their size. In reality, they’re called that because they’re all great. 

    Get yourself situated for these big ol’ boofers!

    1. Vertebrate 2. Dog 3. Dog 4. Toe 5. Dog - DEC 2008 6. Mammal 7. Mammal 8. Mammal 9. Dog - 田 10. Dog 11. Dog 12. Dog 13. Vertebrate 14. Dog - 26539 15. Dog 16. Vertebrate 17. Dog 18. Dog 19. Dog

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