I believe I know what happens after death.


    Tw; suicide

    Let me start this off by saying I'm not mentally unstable; I'm not schizophrenic,I don't suffer from major anxiety or paranoia disorders. I'm not crazy. This is based off of experiences I've had ever since I was a child; knowing information as a child I had no previous access to, having premonitions that helped me avoid a car accidents literal seconds later. And it leads to me talking to God himself.

    The multi verse theory is real. We are dropped on earth and given free will to make the choices we want. But only the dimension where each of us make the correct choices will be accepted as the "correct" Dimension.

    I remember living my own life a few different times. At least 5 times. And each time, it ends with me taking my own life by shooting myself in the head. In the same spot. On the right side of my head. I also have a birth mark on my right temple.

    In my most recent life, I remember shooting myself. Vividly. I remember dying. Vividly. I remember crossing onto the other side. Vividly.

    I remember seeing nothing but pitch blackness. No visual sight whatsoever. But I remember feeling emotions and auras 1000x Stronger than I did on earth. At first, I heard numerous entities around me shouting at me. "No! You weren't supposed to do that!" "You failed, again!" "If you cant do what we want, we'll find someone who will!" Then, there was silence, the there was only one entity, who silenced the others, who was there with me, while I was panicking and freaking out. He said to me, "calm. All is done. There is nothing you can do now." The grim reaper.

    Then, I remember him making me live the last month or so of my life through the animals around me. I vividly remember living as 3 of our dogs, and 2 cats. This way, people experience what they were like on earth through the most vulnerable creatures around us. Our pets. Its karma. If you treat your pets well and make sure they're well fed, you will have a good existence. If you are cruel and abusive to your pets, you will experience such at your own hands. The animals around us are empty vessels, linked to the cosmic energy, but soulless.

    Then, I remember a much more horrifying experience. I remember being a dive bomber in WII, specifically in the battle of midway. I remember looking to the left and right, and seeing nothing but ocean and sky for as far as the eye can see. The water and sky blending together, appearing that I'm in a blue orb. Blue everywhere up and down, left and right. Nothing but blue. Everytime I've even heard of the battle of midway since I was a child, I got a glimpse of this. I remember diving toward the Japanese carrier ship 3 times. And being progressively more and more terrified each time. Before I land my plane in the waters and drowning at sea.

    I remember speak to God. I asked him if they were god and they laughed. They said "if that is how you wish to address me, so be it". Then, I remember him showing me the "paths" Of my life. Where one went on longer than the others and I asked to see what was after that, he replied, "no, you are not ready to see that. For that is your true destiny". I asked him to let me try again, and to let me remember these events so that I can make the right choices this time. He replied " You will remember, for that is what leads you along your path",

    Then, I remember being in my mothers womb. And being born again as myself. Again.

    AMA. I have many more details that I left out of this for length. I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone has.

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