Strange Names Given To Pets Twitter Thread Goes Viral


    We all have that one (/one hundred) weird name we call our pets. I call my cat “Bellybutton” sometimes, I don’t know why or how it happened, but she gets it, the smart kitty. Well, apparently I’m not the only one who gives suuuper strange names to her adorable pets, and twitter has decided to prove it to me. 

    It all started with one tweet by @eef_nestor that went viral that stated: “what I call my dog Spencer” followed by some of the most ridiculous names we’ve ever seen, names that put even my “Bellybutton” to shame. And twitter users jumped in, writing down their own ridiculous pet names with pictures to go with them, and a thread that started with one dog ended up an enormous thread with hundreds of replies that are all endlessly entertaining. 

    1. The tweet that started it all Text - eef 000 @eef_nestor what I call my dog Spencer (a thread) 6:42 AM Oct 24, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 536 Retweets 82 Quote Tweets 13.3K Likes eef @eef_nestor · Oct 24 000 Replying to @eef_nestor Bunko funk, little man, big man, stinky, stinkers, stink-o beans, pinto beans, printer, wimperton, pimbleton, Wimbledon, timperton, Tim Burton, squimbie, squimbledon, leak ma'am, limpers, the prince, spoon, spoon man, puppets, pupperino, The Great Bambino, The Great Bubino 268 17 262 11.8K eef @eef 2. Dog - Eekers 2 @Level_Somewhere Oct 24 000 Replying to @eef_nestor Names I call my dog (his name loki btw) Lil shit (he a baddie sometimes), God damnit, Holy hell, HOW THE HELL??, big chungus, Stinky, Thiccc boi, Thicc man, EXUSE ME, Mouse, Elephant, Ferrell, Descustang, Lokes, Lokers, Good boy (obviously), bro, brother, Mr, HEILO??, buff boi 3 27 16 Eekers 2 @Level_Somewhere Oct 24 000 Here's some pics of him to explain 3. Dog - vincent @heycranky Replying to @eef_nestor what i call my spencer (a thread) - speno - SPENCER - hehe puppy 4. Dog - IRUKA @KawaiiPorpoise Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my dog no 1: Linus Linnie (line-ee), bub, bubba, bubbers, bubby, sweet boy, sweet man, handsome boy, pig, piggy, piggers, chunk, lil stink, weirdo, big bully and brat 5. Dog - IRUKA @KawaiiPorpoise Replying to @KawaiiPorpoise and @eef_nestor What I call my dog no 2: Oliver Ollie, ollie ollie oxen free, baby, sweet baby, baby boy, sweet pea, babby, babbers, stinker, stinky, cutie, goof, goofball and lil zoom 6. Text - Jinxy Jin @LuxVestraViciti - 18h Replying to @eef_nestor My four dogs; Names I call them: Pup Bubba, Buddy, Brat, Remington, Remmy, Wulfey, his name is Sir Remington Beowulf. Lab & Blue heeler- Sherkaan, Booper dooper, Looper, Kane, Nikki, Nini, Dumb bumb. (Trooper and Kaneki) Red heeler; Ren, Renny, Wen, Buttmunch, Asshole (Renji). 000 life is Pbetter with a C 7. Dog - O Spooky Embere @CosmicWish_ · Oct 24 Replying to @eef_nestor What I call Sydney- 000 Sid Trash goblin SYDNEY Beebs Babys/baby Springy doge 8. Dog - CuppaSpooky @CuppaCharly Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my Maisie: Mazza, moomins, mazza moo, stinky, stinky puppy, stink-o, stinkerino, puppo, bubba, croissant, baguette, pancake, snoot, dumbo, buttbutt, beautiful, snuggle pup.. if I think of more, l'll reply xD 9. Dog - Arista 000 @Hollystar311 Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my dog Ranger: Bug, buggy, buggy boo, bunny butt, honey bunny butt, muggy, mugs, oogie boogie boo, biggy b, wiggy woomers, mickey mews, Ranger Danger, little one, baby, mister sir, little man, squishy boy, and if he's being bad: booger baby DRACO DOR 10. Dog - Bianca Spookheim * (she/her) @Bianca_Rick Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my puppy Snow: Baby, little baby, my baby, love, lovely, my love, tiny ball, fur ball, tiny human, pupper, sweety, *random noises of affection* 11. Dog - Chlo P @AngelMiners Replying to @eef_nestor This is booker aka bookey, books, stinky boy, smelly boy, little man, macho man randy savage, bitey boy, bookeroo, baby boy 12. Mammal - Raspberry Lemonade but slightly scarier @Ask_Tiny_Steve Replying to @eef_nestor I call my dog, River: Riv, Riv Riv, bib, bibs, bibby boy, boofer, boofer snoof, snooty boofer, snorf, bitch boy, toasted marshmallow, sausage baby, THICC, sweetie, lil shit, floofy butt, squishy boy 13. Dog - mybluemascara @mybluemascara Replying to @eef_nestor Meet Gus. who will only respond to Gus Gus. he will literally stop when I say Gus but will not acknowledge me till i say Gus Gus. then runs to me as if I just appeared lol 14. Mammal - Freshly. „editz @gizmogirl52515 Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my pupper braun: Braun, Braun Braun, Ramen, Ramen Noodles, Brauben, Romi, Ramino, Wubz, Bubz, Bubber, Bubby 15. Dog - Skywing e * @Skywing4797 Replying to @eef_nestor This is Ebony, a.k.a Eb, Pup Pup, Bubby, Bubbies, Sweet Face, Angel, My Absolute Darling Pup, Jowl Face, Floppy Ears, Big Girl, Big Foot, Eb-Bone-Knee, Squish Face, Squish, Squishy, Stinky Pup. 16. And the cats join in on the fun! Text - Beccah @RebeccahHaar Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my cat Benny My boi, chonk, chonky boi, Bennethen, handsome, my handsome boi, big boi, mister, cutie, fluffy boi, my good kitty, weirdo, silly, and my bean <3 17. Cat - Bauren @disasterolxgy Replying to @eef_nestor i call her lilly, lil, lillian, lillian bean, beano, beenin, beanie, squish, fat girl, poop, little poopy girl, stinky, smelly girl etc 18. Cat - Kit Blooms @KitBlooms Replying to @eef_nestor Pebbles: Pebs, pepis, bebbles, bebs, Bepis, bebby, baybe, beeb, bean, purbis, burpis, peps, bebe, purbles, pleb, beepis, and princess 19. Cat - Rio BLM @RioBean5 Replying to @eef_nestor What i call my cat Morrison (my dogs dont really have nick names besides basic things like babygirl or shortened versions of their names) Jim Morrison, Morri, bubicus, bubster, bubs, Mr, Mr. Man, Mr. Morri, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Jim Morrison, Mr. Squeak, Mr. Bub, Mr. Pumpkin, Melon 20. Cat - Salty DeNaulty#BLM @DenaultSophia Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my cat Poody: Poopoo, Pooh bear, bo bo, nugget, nugs, chi chi, noodles, tuti, cheese, pewpew 21. Cat - Dennywise * @GenuisLester Replying to @eef_nestor what I call my cat: dumbass end of thread 22. Cat - Mr.Duck @Dewey61969422 Replying to @eef_nestor What I call Beans: Beanie Baby Snail Rat Smol bab Fucking Rat BABY GUURLLLL Meatball My little gremlin child <3 23. And even a single bird nugget Ceiling - SHIVERİN @lts_Shevin Replying to @eef_nestor What I call my bird Nugget: chicken, tennis ball, pea brain, noisy boy, dinner. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk

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