Top 25 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #165


    Do you feel that? That feeling you get when it’s Friday and you know you get to sleep in tomorrow? Ah, it’s such a delicious feeling and we know that you know what we’re talking about. It’s a feeling that just feels so good and it’s a universal feeling — everyone loves Fridays. 

    We love Fridays, not only because of that delicious feeling but because it’s our lovely user’s chance to shine with Lolcats! Lolcats is the ultimate source when it comes to cat memes! And new cat memes are being added and created on the daily! 

    Each Friday, we gather up the most upvoted 25 memes and feature them here for all to see. If you want to join in on the fun, check out our meme builder and meme away! 

    1. Cat - You Left It On The Ground! It's Mine Now! 2. Furniture - TOFLATT TOFLATY MAYT OEH KATT OCH 120 KAT 37 10900 warY STRO 960 68 сааааааааааaat 1-1 3. Cat - cat side story.. opening scene 4. Table - Careful? Very fragileandexpensive? Is thatachallenge? 5. Cat - Humans have enough youths. Ciianty How about a fountain of "Smart? 6. Cat - WHEN YOU SEE YOUR FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 8 MONTHS 2ASS 7. Cat - "Fetch'.I swear, my can opener took a tennis ball and lobbed it across the room and said 'fetch'. lask you, do I LOOK like a puppy? 8. Canidae - CAT-1 CEMENT-0 9. Cat - Hairy Potter 10. Cat - hey you there, with the thumbs. there's work to be done here! jars to open! 11. Vertebrate - it has a built-in milk bar! 12. Cat - My human Is a vegetarian. I can't bring her a dead mouse! 13. Paper - NICE DAY FOR A WHITE WEDDING ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM 14. Cat - nope, ah hazint seed him awl dae 15. Cat - I have no words to describe this day. I do however have a number of obscene gestures that would work. 16. Cat - Looking in the mirror, knowing that you áre fearfully and wonderfully made. ICANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM 17. Cat - Seriously? 18. Cat - Some assembly... ..Required. ICANHASOHEEZBURGER.COM 19. Floor - Start training your catslaves early for the best result. 20. Cat - Leapin Leopards! U Don't Say! 21. Cat - Ur ham sammich? I dunno. Mabbey teh dog took it? 22. Wall - When not in use, store your cat at room temperature in a dry place. funny 23. Cat - WHO KNEW WE'D LIKE BANANAS SO MUCH? 24. Cat - oh come ON nobody PUSHED you off the bed you just rolled over too fast and ran out of mattress 25. Wall - yeah, what do you want? trick or treat? no thanks, we already have a dog, that's tricky enough.

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