Welcoming The Cold Weather With Adorkable Dogs Wearing Raincoats


    Finally! The weather is starting to get a little bit colder. Hello, chilly weather, hot cocoa, fluffy blankets and coats, we’ve missed you all. But, even with all of these things, one of the absolute best things in the world is seeing our adorkable doggos splashing around in the rain, modeling their tiny little coats. 

    Not all of them love the rain, that’s fair, we don’t all love it either. Not all of them love the coats either, but listen, sometimes it’s necessary. And they look adorable wearing them as well. That’s just an added bonus though. So, to start getting used to the gloomy but loveable cold weather that’s coming now, we’ve prepared for you a collection of the most wintery tumblr doggos wearing their adorable raincoats!

    1. "People on the street lose their minds when Pancake wears her raincoat." Yellow 2. "Winstons popular raincoat in action.?" Dog clothes 3. "New coat ???" Dog breed 4. "i cannot" Dog - AUSPet 5. "Kokomo is not happy to be out in the rain but happy to be back inside" Dog 6. content and wholesome Dog 7. "so dashing" Dog - GLOKISTAGRAM 8. the fluffiest cutie Dog 9. "omg the little boots" Yellow 10. "Autumn rain ?????" Dog 11. a talented cold pupper Dog - Doe 12. "a literal angel" Dog 13. "Rainy day" Dog 14. *tap* *splash* *tap* *splash* *tap* Dog 15. "Olaf looking adorable in his raincoat" Yellow 16. "Lenny and Martin’s new raincoats??" Dog 17. "hello tiny" Dog 18. "top (and only) dog at the dog park." Asphalt - Benz-Maniatte Pease Keep The Deg Park Ciean Pick Up After Your 19. "hi bb" Dog 20. "2 cute" Yellow 21. "derpp" Dog 22. "lil baby" Dog 23. "name a more iconic duo" Dog 24. "if u ever need something to smile at here’s my dog in his raincoat" Yellow

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