Woman Finds Out And Posts Pictures Of How Cats Would React If You Suddenly Died At Home


    Cats are pretty mysterious creatures. Most of the time, they seem confident, independent, and chill, and their unique personalities sometimes make people wonder whether these animals truly care about their owners. You see, with dogs, it’s pretty easy to tell—most of them are quite outgoing, energetic, and affectionate towards their humans. And sometimes even towards ALL humans in general.

    According to a study that was conducted last year by Dr. Kristyn Vitale and a team, cats actually display the same main attachment styles as dogs and babies. “Cats that are insecure can be likely to run and hide or seem to act aloof. There’s long been a biased way of thinking that all cats behave this way. But the majority of cats use their owner as a source of security. Your cat is depending on you to feel secure when they are stressed out,” The author told Metro. But let’s be real, most cat owners already knew that.

    And even though science backs up the belief that cats truly love us, is still pretty funny to joke about their “cold” and “distant” personality. For instance, here are some pics that this user shared on Twitter that sort of summarize what your cat would do if you suddenly died at home.

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    Here’s a kitty named Hazel chilling with her human-sized skeleton pillow

    Image credits: ajlobster

    Turns out, the skeleton also has a name which is Patella

    Image credits: ajlobster

    Yes, Hazel is completely calm

    Image credits: ajlobster

    And not spooked at all

    Image credits: ajlobster

    At this point, these two are sort of inseparable

    Image credits: ajlobster

    Image credits: ajlobster

    Seeing these adorable pictures of a cat hanging out with her no-longer-alive friend made people realize that they as well need to buy this magnificent skeleton for their own cat.

    Apparently, you can buy this skeleton plush at Target

    Image credits: tbiz85

    Some people got inspired and started posting pics of their own cats hanging out with spooky skeletons

    Image credits: gogingerale

    Gotta admit, this looks cozy as heck

    Image credits: carohechart

    For some reason, they’re totally fine with this whole situation

    Image credits: slyzappy15

    It’s truly A THING now

    Image credits: BeCreativeAce

    Image credits: abcdefghijk_mno

    Seems like it’s even better than laying on a human’s lap

    Image credits: tailorelaine

    I mean, at least this one doesn’t move, right?

    Image credits: MMNestorowich

    Apparently, the more skeletons there are, the better

    Image credits: jc_parsons

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