Raining Cats And Dogs (Tweets)


    It’s raining cats and dogs! In tweet form, that is. Otherwise, it’s been relatively sunny. 

    Once a week, we regularly feature the best animal tweets of the week and even the best cat tweets of the week. However, what about cats AND dogs? The original duo, here in tweet form! It’s all the humor with a touch of purity. Cats and dogs may be classic bitter rivals but sometimes, when you place them together it can result in some real magic. 

    1. Organism - slut4santa@aol.com (seb) @sebsational this is my cat, his name is gene parmesan. he is not missing, he just exists. please signal-boost 7:20 PM · Dec 15, 2020 49.9K 9 6.1K people are Tweeting about t. 2. Text - Dana Donnelly @danadonly 2020 was a kinda bad year for me but a really good year for my dog who did not have to be alone for a single second 6:59 PM · Dec 14, 2020 42.4K 2.9K people are Tweeting about t. 3. Text - Larry the Cat @Number10cat Just to be clear, ALL fish in "UK waters" belong to me. 9:26 PM · Dec 12, 2020 13.5K 1.3K people are Tweeting about t. 4. Toilet - cats in random places @cats_places Welcome to the void 5:05 PM · Dec 12, 2020 5. Dog breed - d An @goodaniel AA A google.com washingtonpost.com The Washington Post Democracy Dies in Darkness Animals Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed? this gon bang 10:33 PM · Dec 16, 2020 6. Product - Sydney Leathers O @sydneyelainexo duh Is Your Cat Communicating With You Psychically? teenvogue.com 3:40 AM · Dec 14, 2020 7. Organism - O come, o come Gemmanuel @GemlsWriting Some of the names my local SPCA gives their adoptable cats are... hmm. Teeth Female Age: 4 months Salad Man nla 6:34 PM · Dec 13, 2020 8. Text - Memetaza @memetazaa if you kiss your dog on the mouth don't worry about what's in the vaccine 6:26 PM · Dec 12, 2020 9. Text - olivia o'brien @oliviagobrien just realized my dog has no idea that there's a global pandemic going on rn 12:28 AM · Dec 13, 2020 3.9K 5 See the latest COVID-19 informatio... 10. Organism - Morris Animal Refuge @MorrisAnimal mm fluffy eggs Why you should have a cat @ShouldHaveCat 12:32 AM · Dec 16, 2020 11. Organism - Black Metal Cats @evilbmcats I rejoice as humanity fails. My greatest pleasure is to witness inhuman agony. 11:16 PM · Dec 16, 2020 12. Text - McMermaid A* @colleen_eileen I hope in my next life I come back as a dog so my pills will be wrapped in cheese 4:05 PM · Dec 17, 2020 13. Glasses - Pavlov & Maslow @PAVGOD may I see your dog pretty please Iam once again asking To see pictures of your dog 6:08 PM · Dec 15, 2020 14. Head - jules rylan @radiantbutch my cat sit outside your door howling outside your door HOZIER "FROM EDEN" HOZIER "IT WILL COME BACK" in the doorway "I can't get in HOZIER "AS IT WAS" HOZIER "SEDATED" 12:07 AM · Dec 18, 2020 15. Product - Sophia Benoit O @1followernodad My dog doing literally anything Me 7:47 PM Dec 16, 2020 16. Text - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings we are approaching the time of year. when humans look back. and think about. what they could have done better. not me though. i was perfect 2:40 AM · Dec 17, 2020 17. Product - Silvat - @Just_Silva_ Me: *finally gets in bed to get some sleep* The neighbor's dog: testing one two, woof woof" 12:02 PM · Dec 12, 2020 18. Organism - Cats @SpaceCatPics The cat in the cat 3:43 PM · Dec 14, 2020 19. Product - Popular Cats @PopularCats it's a catpurrcino 5:13 AM · Dec 17, 2020 20. Winter - harry potter out of context & incorrect @outofcntexthp me to my cat at 3 am who am i, hedwig? what am i? 12:07 AM · Dec 15, 2020 13.2K O 2.4K people are Tweeting about t. 21. Shoulder - emily @thetinysir it's almost 2021, need you to grow up if you don't like cats cats ppl who slander cats me 6:34 PM · Dec 16, 2020 22. Heat - place where cat shouldn't be @catshouldnt Powerful auras 6:22 AM · Dec 12, 2020

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