The Royal Corgi Breed is in Danger of Disappearing


    Queen Elizabeth’s favorite stubby legged dog breed has been placed on the British Kennel Club’s list of vulnerable dog breeds.

    This happens when less than 300 puppies of any breed are registered in a given year.

    The kennel estimates that there are around 5,000 corgis left in the UK, but breeders are not breeding that many new pups as they’re worried about finding them homes.

    In honor of the Queen’s breed, here are 10 Corgis that prove the world needs them forever.

    1. They're excellent musicians Dog 2. And natural Born Athletes Awesome slow motion GIF of a Corgi catching a snow chunk in mid-air. 3. Fearless adventurers Awesomeness GIF of a Corgi dog leaping into the air to dive into a lake. 4. If you don't like Veggies, corgis are here to help gif of corgi fighting the lettuce 5. Tired of playing fetch? Corgi doesn't mind Corgi gif of sleep surrender - dog runs with ball and then crash lands on the floor, motionless. 6. The world should not be deprived of corgi culture Drawing - SENORGIF COM 7. They're floppy! Funny passed out Corgi GIF from eating too much lettuce earlier. 8. Stranded in the woods? Your corgi can fish! Mammal 9. Massive winter blizzards are snow problem for corgis Geological phenomenon - SENORGIF.COM, 10. I don't want to live in a world without corgi stomps Floor - GIFS.ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM

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