Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Birthdays And Rescues


    Usually, when we mention rescues, we talk about how humans rescue the animal, care for it and provide the animal with a loving, warm forever home. We rarely talk about the other rescue there is, how our pets, in turn, rescue us. The world seems a bit darker these days, it can’t be helped, but thank goodness we have animals by our side to help take some of that darkness away. 

    We don’t know where we’d be without animals in our lives and don’t even want to think about it. Cats (dogs, or any other pet) can rescue us too — and they have, in so many ways. Pet owners out there will understand when we say, we may have rescued them but they rescue us back each and every day. 

    This cat medley is for all the cats out there, thank you for being in our lives! 

    If you have a story of your cat you’d like to share, check out our newest Facebook page, ‘ICanHas Storytime,’ our newest pet community for our users to finally share their pet stories! From heartwarming stories to silly shenanigans you caught your pets doing — all are welcomed! 

    1. "Cheddar Biscuit is the king of the house" Window 2. "I love my boy so so much and I need everyone to see how sweet he is" Cat 3. "THE SCREAM QUEEN" Cat 4. "My boyfriend took this glamor shot of Mashed Potatoes (Tato for short)." Cat 5. "got a notification that there was motion at my front door" 6. "I was crocheting, he was being cute" Cat 7. "Snow day." Cat 8. "How Bella and I have been spending some nights in lockdown" Cat 9. "Danger Cushions" 10. "13 years old and doesn’t look a day past kittenhood" Cat 11. “MUUUUUUUM! WHEN’S DINNER?!” Cat - ARR AUSTRALIA SPA IGHTER FOR 12. "This little lady turned 10 years old today." Cat 13. "The new cat taught the old cat to eat like this…" Cat 14. "Floooooof" Tire - SHV 15. "my cat sits in her “boat” in the hottub every single day and refuses to get out even after an hour! her name is trixie" Water 16. "My 16 year old cat has saved my life so many times. She is pure love and the best friend I’ve ever had." Head 17. "Beautiful capture" Sky 18. "This is Curtis. He is almost 17. His expression never changes. He 100% looks like this, 100% of the time. Bless his heart." Cat

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