Cats And Dogs Who Haven’t Quite Mastered The Art Of Hiding


    These cats and dogs may have not quite mastered the art of hiding, but they sure are doing a terrific job by trying! We have faith they’ll be experts in no time. 

    There is an art when it comes to hiding, one a majority of these animals haven’t yet achieved but once they do master it, they will become invisible to the human eye. If your pet has yet to master the art, you must encourage them. They will achieve their dreams but first, they need support from you.

    1. “Crouching human, hidden floof” Window 2. "Find the hidden cat" Brown 3. “She very often does her best to be nearly completely hidden.” Property 4. “Hidden and ready to pounce” Cat 5. "I am hidden!" Property 6. "Crouching puppy, hidden dragon" Dog 7. “This is our cat ’hiding’ under the bed. If her head is hidden, no one can see her. She does this all the time!” Cat 8. "My cat hidden behind the curtain" Brown 9. “The wild fuzzy butt soon learned the other dog could still find him if his face was hidden…” Furniture - ... 10. “My sweet Suzie Q thinks she is hidden.” Wood 11. “My kitty, Big Mack, being a hidden cutie” Felidae 12. “There’s a cat hiding in this picture. Can you find it?” Shipping box - OILLBERGET 13. “A well-hidden hunter” Cat 14. “Spot the hidden dog!” Cat 15. "Hidden doggo" Plant 16. “Our little Batman hiding in the blankets” Cat 17. “Little buddy Alfi hid himself in my closet. Apparently, he likes to stay there, and is really cute" Cat - FRESS GNTS 18. “Hidden from my human…” Cloud 19. "Hidden boy" Water 20. "Spot the dog" Sky 21. "She’s grown out of her hiding spot" Table 22. "I found her burrowing spot in the closet!" Head 23. "Blue playing hide and seek….. couldn't find him…. he won." Leg 24. Okay, this one is pretty masterful. "Spot the Kitty." Brown

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