Fresh And Mildly Weird Doggo Memes


    Welcome to Thursday, everybody! The week is almost done, and soon, you’ll be able to do nothing but cuddle your dog the whoooole weekend. Only that we know you need a little boost-me-up, a little extra helping of paw-erful dog memes to set your mind straight and get you through that final stretch, and nothing gives a bigger boost than some good ol’ doggo memes. 

    That is why, every week, we bring you the freshest, bestest dog memes that people have been loving this week, collected for your dogtertainment from the depths of the internet. So, enjoy these delicious fresh memes, and may the rest of your week be totally pawfect

    1. Property - fucking hate when my dog jumps the fence 2. Dog - pray for my dog yall... nothing wrong with her she just ugly as hell made with mematic 3. Dog - How my dog sees himself when the doorbell rings googletic420 9b 4. Dog - *5 mins after getting kidnapped* "So what made you choose me ?" 5. Jaw - Two masterpieces 6. Vertebrate - Me, reappearing in people's lives after inexplicably disappearing for several months: 7. Organism - Kelly Collette @KellyCollette I love when you hand a dog a treat and they are like, thanks, I'll be having this in the other room. Excuse me. 8. Carnivore - MY THERAPIST: IT'S IMPORTANT TO LOVE YOURSELF AS YOU ARE. МE: Chomyshrimp 9. Dog - When I go to a party and start acting weird becausel don't know anybody @tank.sinatra PIGNORE ME I'm afraid 10. Dog - Her: "i don't normally do this on the first date" Her dog: 11. Dog - WHEN THE MUSHROOMS WEAR OFF AND YOU REALIZE YOU'RE NOT A SPACE SMUGGLER TRAVELLING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE WITH A WOOKIE Qtarwarschronides 1C 12. Dog - Me adding "nevertheless" in my essay for a lil razzle dazzle 13. Picture frame - WOOF! MOM ON = NQ. PHONEBARK! 14. Property - adamcoolcat @adamcoolcat00 to everyone who said I hung my door upside down: I did it so my dogs can see outside, i'm not a idiot lol 15. Dog - THE DODO Dog Showed Up For Story Time At Library, But Nobody Came To Read To Him 16. Toy 17. Dog - How German words sound like What they actually mean 18. Dog - The evolution of an Australian Cattle Dog 0-4 Months 4-36 Months 36 Months+ 19. Dog - me: why tf does my back hurt? also me: 20. Dog - 1 think my boyfriend is cheating, what should I do? have you tried throwing up and then eating the throwup? 21. Dog - thecutestofthecute: moshimoshimike: omg. that face. let me love you you silly fat little flooffer 22. Shirt - Me when I leave my apartment @CabbageCatMemes NERVOUS 23. Dog - That dog is doing its business in our garden again!!! I'm so amped about this new product line!! KAADE YO

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