Its OK not to be OK. I’m fundraising for Mind UK – because mental health is a PRIORITY. THIS IS MY STORY and please donate to my page what you can IF you CAN.


    Hi guys,

    I'm 27 from the UK and I now have my darkest days behind me. where I severely suffered with my mental health during the first COVID lockdown. Now I am in lockdown number 3 in the UK and things are getting better!

    I was suffering with trivial issues like a bad back, funny feeling in my groin, fuzzy head, dry mouth and crying uncontrollably and it became worse and worse and worse BEFORE I had to speak out, I couldn't wake up and I didn't want to wake up (I WANTED LIFE TO END and I getting caught in a tangle of horrific thoughts which only made the clouds darker)… How did the fix start? I spoke to my mum.

    It was the hardest talk of my life but it was also the best talk of my life. Having people know what you are going through is a great relief and they can support you and help you. I NORMALISED THE CONVERSATION!!! I TOLD MY FRIENDS, BROTHERS, MY DAD, EVEN SPOKE TO MY DOGS. They didn't judge me, or even think I was weird, some of them related and all of them listened! I was free from the troubling thoughts in my head which were grounding me and holding me hostage in my own mind.

    even if you are the toughest of people or scared to talk, don't be, this is normal. We are used to suppressing our thoughts in our heads and not releasing them, talking is the only way to open the bottle and let the gas out. It is my savior – even feel free to message me.

    As a reminder that we need to have mental health at the forefront of daily life I am fundraising for Mind UK (registered charity through JustGiving) and we are currently on £430, with your support we can tackle the the issue of mental health and raise money to get mental health a priority in academia, support our call centers, our mental health nurses and more! THANKYOU.

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