Training Pets Gone Hilariously Wrong (Tumblr Posts)


    If your cat is anything like mine, then trying to train it is just… asking for trouble. She’s too smart for my training, and she will find a way to use it against me somehow. Well, apparently, I’m not the only one. 

    A tumblr post about cat training gone wrong went viral, and pet owners from all over tumblr shared their stories, and honestly, they managed to both making me laugh my butt off and also feel better about my own situation. Some pets will outsmart anyone, and though we may be mildly annoyed by the results of their superior intelligence, them being as smart as they are just makes us love them more. 

    So, laugh and hurt, pet owners, because you will probably relate to these posts more than you realize. 

    1. Font - the-sky-traveler my brother is teaching his cat how to high five by giving her a treat every time she successfully taps her hand to his hand, which is all well and good, but now she thinks that she is entitled to food every time she high fives someone. i can't eat in the same room as her anymore because she'll just bap my hand rapid fire and then go nyoom straight in for my pizza like no Kelly that's illegal go finish ur own dinner #it speaks 368,864 notes 2. Font - the-sky-traveler this post has gotten too powerful so i have an update on kelly: she likes sleeping in the closet because there's a heat vent in there and it's very warm and cozy. sometimes when she hears activity right outside the door she'll come out and say hello but someone always without fail announces "oh kelly just came out of the closet!" so she's a lesbian now. she told me herself when she came out of the closet 3. Font - anonymous-bosch Follow "No Kelly, that's illegal." askragtatter Follow So, a while back, I was using clicker-training to teach my cat Taz tricks. She learned very quickly and it was a good experience all around, but we had to hide the clicker. Taz had learned that the clicker meant she got treats. So she would find it, carry it up to people, step on it to make it click, and then SCREAM AT THEM to give her the treats she was clearly owed because the clicker had made a sound. 4. Font - dee-wood Pavlov is rolling over laughing in his grave. 5. Font - iamemmao Follow We taught the cats to give us a paw to get a treat so Larry also thought this meant he could just come paw us anytime. Now we have a specific place where they get treats. That has brought up a different problem though. Both cats hate being brushed so we would give them a treat after. Now after one stroke of the brush Marvin thinks he's earned his and goes rushing to where they usually get the treats! 368,864 notes  D 6. Font - goth-unicorn-supreme Follow We taught our bobcat something similar - "face hugs". She was very skiddish around food but loved attention when we found her, so we would hug her face to ours or rub our hand against her cheek until she started eating. Now, the little brat loves food and will drive by love on your hand before sticking her face in your food. 368,864 notes 7. Font - averagesamstan Follow So cute. My dog does her entire repertoire of tricks when we're eating, since she thinks she gets out food for doing said tricks. I'll be sitting there eating spaghetti, and there's Bean, sitting, laying down, giving me a high-five, and jumping in rapid succession 368,864 notes 8. Font - cutthroat-bxtch Follow I'm so lucky to have a stupid cat. He falls down the stairs on his own, he won't be able to understand a clicker means treats or high fiving means treats. He's super sweet though. It's good to have a ridiculously dumb cat since he doesn't understand some people can hurt him (which no one in my house would ever do) so he just loves everyone 9. Font - bitspices Follow Dogs too: my boyfriend was trying to train my twin dogs to sit. So he'd go “sit" and whoever of the two did it first would get PetsTM and GodboysTM, all good until they start sitting in front of anyone, unprompted, and giving puppy eyes, because "hey look at me, I'm sitting, where's my pets?". And that's animal logic for you I guess 10. Rectangle - tsukinofaerii Follow Never ever get in the habit of giving a cat a goodie when you're cooking. You won’t be able to butter bread without someone trying to steal the knife. 11. Font - izupie Follow My cat loves to go for a walk around my back garden, but I don't have a cat flap so I have to let him in and out. When he comes in l've taught him to walk onto a big pet towel to dry off his paws (and to dry his fur if it's been raining) by giving him lots of fuss and treats whenever he gets on the towel. Unfortunately he has figured out that if he goes out, comes back in and gets on the towel he gets all of this extra attention - so he meows repeatedly to go out the door, g 12. Font - roquelg Follow My wife is teaching our cat with treats to sit with us in the table every morning, she isn't allow over the table and can't take food from our plates. So when she sees l'm doing breakfast she immediately will run to her chair and will wait for us, then my wife will give her treats while we are eating. One day the breakfast time was late and she start to yelling until we get up, when we look for her (we think that she was dying) she was sitting in her spot waiting for us. No 13. Cat - bastardrobocop Follow i trained my cat with the intention of getting him to stand up on command but he only does it when he wants food or treats instead. he also screams. 14. Font - sapphic-giraffic Follow This reminds me of those stories where genetic algorithms end up learning weird lessons. 15. Rectangle - indecisivedorkfish Follow Cats: Deliberately learning the wrong lesson since the dawn of time. 16. Human body - roseydeloom Follow See this is why you need to be careful while training animals. They have no morals, and will use your treatment for their benefit 17. Rectangle - linaxtic Follow My friend's cat will go fetch a toy, make loud chirpy noises as she brings it to you, set it at your feet, and wait. If you don't give her a treat, she'll go get ANOTHER one, lather rinse repeat. 18. Font - roxan-1314 Follow In order to help potty train our dog my dad will give him a treat every time he goes poop outside. Only he's caught on that him going number 2 gets him a treat. So he will now pretend to go to the bathroom and demand a treat once we are back in the house. He doesn't make any noises but damn he puts those puppy dog eyes to use. 19. Rectangle - pbrim Follow I read an article on training cats a long time ago, and the bit that struck the most was "“If a cat and a human live together, someone is going to be trained. Left to chance, it isn't going to be the cat."

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