Keep appt with pest control guy for rodents in attic/ crawlspace ?


    I’m hearing scratching during the day and eve in the ceiling in the same few spots. This area of the house has an attic- I don’t know how big it is, but I think it’s a smaller space like a crawl space. I’m not opposed to going to check it out myself, but I don’t have a ladder that tall and I’d prefer not to- it looks like an injury waiting to happen. I’ve called a handyman and the professional pest control company I use yearly for roaches outside. They both said they’d “scatter bait” from the attic door which would draw the rodents to leave, die elsewhere, and they’d try to help me find the entry point(s). But they won’t go up and investigate with a light. I made the appt with the pest control company tomorrow, b/c I’m not sure what else to do, and don’t want to wait. Will scattering bait into the area be effective & targeted? I hate the idea of using poison before even knowing what is up there, but I can’t find anyone I can pay to just go look! I asked if he could use snap traps instead – he said they might not work, and if they do, they don’t go up to remove them so that won’t help me. I’ve read here it’s not guaranteed the pests will leave before they die, and this seems to only partially address the issue. I called my neighbor and she said she does exactly this- scatters the bait a few times a year in her attic and this is what she recommends. (She’s lived here 30 yrs, and has small dogs like me.) There is no food source near my house, but there are food sources close to my house that I can’t eliminate- it’s an unincorporated county area with some livestock animals & a waterway close by, as well as a neighbor feeding birds. Keep the pest control appt for tomorrow? Thank you! (Charge for tomorrow is $95. I don’t mind paying reasonably for someone else to help- that’s not an issue. I probably wouldn’t be inclined to handle bait or snap traps myself. I also don’t want to climb up into the attic myself.)

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