Exposing LISA RENEE and energetic synthesis online cult of Psychic Predators and Energy vampires


    For starters. I don't want to spend another second wasting my time with these sociopaths. But they insist on barging into my life and taking tabs on me and trying to make me kill myself. So if they want to waste their time with me I promised I'd make it worth their time. Writing one article every night they continue to harass me.

    Most cults are in person. This cult is called energetic Synthesis. It is all online. They have a few websites esfoundations.com EnergeticSynthesis.com ascension glossary.com hgssupport.com

    If you are unfamiliar with psychic self defense or energy work or remote viewing or distance energy work. I encourage you to keep an open mind. This stuff is possible and telepathy is possible. It's how they work just online.

    These people are known as Psychic Predators and energy vampires. Maybe do some research if you are not familiar with it. Keep an open mind.

    I first joined esfoundations. I had some strange experiences that were actually caused by the stuff this cult leader does. I was researching what the hell was going on in my life. And I was lead to ascension glossary. It seemed to have the answers.

    I had an experience with an entity and a false white light type of thing. I reached out to lisa. And she said that it was good I "sourced this artificial alien technology". So I joined esfoundations. It costs I believe $20 bucks a month to be apart of it and there's about 500-600 member on the foundations and about 80 people in the energetic Synthesis website.

    It looks all awesome online. Stuff such as self mastery emotional healing neutral observation clearing negative thoughtforms. But rat poison is made up of 1% poison and 99% food. Just enough to kill the rat.

    Now that's just part of it. There's this whole part that luckily I was wise enough to not buy any of the crap they feed you. They claim that there is this entire spiritual war going on between humans and the "negative alien agenda" And it's our job to go on missions against the aliens and all these other entities and this spiritual "GRID" that lisa has created. And these aliens are the ones doing the mind control. They have thing such as alien implants. Etheric implants. Tons of meditations on the websites that are used as coercive hypnosis. To brainwash you.

    Everyone in esfoundations website. There is known as a "grid worker". And an "acupuncture point" for the grid. To hold 12th dimensional energy to "help humanity maintain a higher vibration. Their main shield is known as the 12D shield which is a merkaba. You create a "covenant with god" with this shield. The top of your shield goes to the "unified field of one" where you connect with your "star families" and spiritual guides.

    They have Benevolent Beings working for them called the defenders of Truth Soverignty and liberation. They have a vow where you call in these beings. And they give you energy. I had an experience where I did the oath before bed and there was a massive amount of energy just kind of given to me. So much I just passed out. I woke up in a complete panic trying to figure out what the hell just happened. My conclusion is that these arent any sorts of "beings" well maybe they are but I believe it is stolen energy from humans that they manifest into form and give to their followers or use for other crooked uses.

    They also have beings known as their "beloveds". That are white light beings that help heal you and work on your energy field when you sleep.


    My conclusion is this is energy manifested into form using intense focus and imagination.

    I know that imagination is creation. With psychic self defense you can imagine a shield or imagine a fan and you are creating that and manifesting it so it is so incredibly real that it stops attacks from affecting you. This is what they do but they use energy and manipulate it into form for their own purposes.

    I had an energy session when I first entered. Where they offered to "remove the false white light from my body". I was skeptical at first but eventually I had a session with him. I have this session recorded for proof which I will give out if need be. The reason I'm not posting it online at the moment is because when they have these sessions they do a DEEP dive into your psyche. Like knowing things from your past your memories your friends your problems your thought forms etc. But I have it if need be.

    They call in the " Aurora beings, defenders of Truth, and crystal star gaurdians" to do the energy work on you. They supposedly are beings from the ascended realms of the 13 14, 15th dimensions. I had a session and immediately shit started to turn south. They use their energy sessions as Spiritual upgrades and clearing of negative entities. That they control of course. But in reality they use these sessions specifically for brainwashing and mind control. Irony is their followers actually pay to have it done.

    I had tons of experiences with little tiny 100s of tiny different entities. That were nasty and gross looking. Oh and you start seeing these beings as if they are real after you get the energy upgrades. Like aliens shooting guns at you and metal claw like tentacles randomly attacking you in the middle of the day. Just randomly like, at the gym, or at lunch with your family.

    After the first session I started losing my mind it felt. I have no idea what they did with that energy. But it clearly did not do anything to help. I started seeing all sorts of shit. My mental health rapidly starting decreasing. Every night I would have intense nightmares. My mind starting seeing internal.colors and random visions and CAMERAS.

    This is a big one but. When you hear someone say they think someone is spying on them the immediate thought is Schizophrenia. But this is real. When I was with them they called these "devices" spying software. They keep tabs on you and somehow retrieve information from life and your past memories. I have been out of the cult for a year now. I have seen those little cameras in my third eye at least 5 times a day as well as seeing a few in my bedroom when I wake up or I'm dreaming.

    I had a few more energy sessions with the dude because at the time it felt like the only thing that could save me. Little did I know it was causing me all sorts of problems. I had a few trips to the psyche ward throughout the year as well as suicidal ideation. Keep in mind before this. I was at the peak of my life. I was the happiest person full of love for everyone. All of which is gone now. But slowly recovering. Day by day.

    Fast forward a year from when I joined. They still harass me they still take tabs on me every where I go and they still attack me in my sleep.

    When you're sleeping they actually Disguise themselves as close relatives or friends or loved ones. They manipulate you even in your dream state. And of course they attack you and do all sorts of terrible things to you. They use giant monsters or aliens or or laser cannons or guns and try to hurt you. They put needles and thumbtacks in your butt or they astral rape you. They disguise themselves as like super hot supermodels or people you have a crush on and have sex with you and then turn into some fucking weird leach or alien like disgusting form in the middle of raping you.

    Then they LOVE hurting you in the morning hours when you just wake up and are falling in and out of sleep. When your brainwaves are like this they can put in imagery such as slipping on wet concrete or imagery of food or bouncing giant rubber balls against your body or falling down an elevator. And your BODY actually reacts as if it's happening. Like your body will literally trip and it will feel like you slipped on a puddle.

    After a while of this I learned that sleep is a place where I need to go to war. So I bring in pepper spray attack dogs with tasers and turn into a porcupine.

    And they love sleep deprivation. Making you so tired you start losing the ability to function.

    And when you're sleeping or about to fall asleep they put millions of different images in your mind flashing at 100 images a minute and it is designed I imagine for torture, confusion and brainwashing purposes.

    And, they want everyone to be as shitty, depressed and miserable as them. They want you to do their dirty work for them and contribute your bank account to it..

    I found out about psychic predators and the truth of the situation pretty early on. And the minute I did I had a dream where they came to me and offered to join them. Of course. A deposit is required…

    They steal energy and harvest energy. For people who know about chord cutting. The chords they have look like power chords and they plug into your body. Specifically your crown chakra they have tons of chords there which are designed to control your thoughts.

    They use dark psychology and NLP to brainwash you. Thoughtforms and imagery. To essentially turn you into a sociopath yourself.

    Lisa Renee is a con artist. She is a manipulative sociopath. She is narccicistic and has no problem killing people. She deserves prison. The problem with this cult is it is all psychic and energetic manipulation. Which is very hard and next to p impossible to prove.. she has tried over a year to get me to kill myself and to work for her. Lord knows neither of those things are happening. Ever. .

    Over this year my defense skills have improved significantly and are getting better every day. They are after my K energy which is about to be active. I spend most nights defending myself against her intruding into my dreams. I told her she can keep attacking me. But every night she does I post one article online. So, she wants to be exposed I guess.

    If you have known anyone that has been involved with Lisa please reach out to me. Please send me a message and tell me your story. The more people that tell their story the more likely she will get exposed.

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