Why won’t the universe give me a break?


    I lost my mum July 2020 to cancer, im being harrassed and stalked, been assaulted, lost my job, lost my home, become homeless in 3 days, I have to move in with my dad but my sister doesn't want me there so no doubt will make it hard for me. I've a son and I'm pregnant, I have loads of debt from an abusive relationship. The only thing I am happy about is my son and my unborn baby who's a miracle as I wasn't supposed to be able to have anymore but how can I give my children a good life when I cant catch a break? I'm scared the harassment will still carry on even when I've moved, there is a police investigation and ongoing in court etc however the perpetrators sonf care. My sister is going to make it hard for us at my dad's and I feel like I'm never going to be happy. I cant find a house due to the debts I'm in and I'm on social housing list but could take years. Had to give my 2 beautiful dogs up for Foster as dad cant have them and I have 5 months to find somewhere to get them back. I just want to know why I've had all this thrown at me and I cant see a way out? Meditation is no longer helping me, asked for signs and messages anything and nothing, I'm really stuck as to how I'm going to get over everything. I know I should trust the universe but its one thing after another and its been going on 2 years just bad things keep happening to me. I've tried manifestation for over a year and nothing, positive thinking and nothing, cleansing and protection and nothing. I'm sick of suffering, any insight as to why and how I can get through and why I'm getting no messages etc? I'm very grateful of my children and my dad for taking me in but honestly I see no quality of life ahead, I was positive and believed for so long but now I'm just empty.

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