My sister is suicidal and has attempted three times in the last few months


    I've never posted here, I hope I am doing it right. I am so lost. I don't know what to do or how to help. This is a long one. First off, my sister has refused contact with everyone in my family, so she essentially cut herself off even though we are on very good terms.(at least me and her, sometimes I could do away with the rest of my family to) So I really haven't known her very well for the past few years. Previously, She lived with me for 2 years and I never saw signs of suicidal tendencies until summer last year.( I understand you don't always see it) The person I knew then is a completely different person than the one I know now and I know she's changed and that we don't have alot to relate to one another anymore. Things started going horribly after that. Her daughter attempted suicide last year. A few months later my sister attempted suicide with my niece in the house. Than she was hospitalized last month after trying again. She messages someone everytime she has attempted and gets extremely angry when they call to welfare check her or to stop her. She doesn't comprehend that we love her and can't just let it happen while knowing about it. It's really quite horrible because I m not sure if she wants people to just give up on her or what but she's essentially saying we should just not act. She's even beaten up the cops that are trying to help. After a horrible experience being hospitalized on her last attempt she seemed to have a turn around, she called the family and organized a big get-together and said she was going to try and reconnect with us better on Saturday. She even started thinking of future get togethers. I was so happy, I have really missed her. For a long time she was one of my best friends and she literally cut me off cold turkey when she moved away. Today she attempted again. She is currently in the hospital. She won't accept calls or visits, and I am lost on how to help. She doesn't live near me. I have alot of mental health issues myself and it's been a rough couple months(new job, dog died) and I don't know how to cope with it myself. I am literally crying nonstop and I had to leave my job today because I became so dysfunctional. I can't seem to gain control again.

    Sorry, it's so long. I just am having a very hard time right now. If anyone can offer support or advice please let me know. I appreciate it.

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