want to run away


    i’m 21M and for the past week or so i’ve been telling myself to just run away. leave everyone behind and only bring my dog. i’ve even been taking all the money out of my bank. i just feel so alone. i feel like nobody ever cares how i feel about different things. i feel like life has just been kicking my ass lately. i don’t want to deal with the stress anymore from my girlfriend or her family or my family. i’ve become very distant with old friends. for the last two weeks i’ve had this sickening feeling in my stomach just below my ribs and it’s from being so stressed out. i feel like i’ve been overthinking everything. i just don’t even care anymore and any time i try to bring my emotions up to the people i’d expect to be there for me, it’s just like they’re completely blown off. i started writing in a journal (as of yesterday). i’ve been drinking and taking drugs. i stopped smoking weed as much because all i do is apologize to everyone for even talking about my feelings, and i feel like i shouldn’t have to apologize. i literally just feel like i’m over everything. i’ve considered suicide but it’s not something i’d actually go through with unless i got to a real breaking point, and i feel like if i continue to live like this i’ll hit that breaking point.

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