A single room in our house is flea infested, need help figuring out how to fix


    Hi, we've been having some trouble in our house as one of our rooms has become flea infested, most information online indicates fleas fall off pets and should be found wherever pets like dogs and cats usually lay down, however our cat spends most of his time on other areas of the house and not in the room that has become infested, while all his favourite spots are clean. The fleas seem to be around the entire room, albeit concentrated towards one of the sides of the room (this is a big bedroom with an area for computers, a couch, a work area, a closet… where my GF and i spend almost all of our time since we're still not going out due to not being vaccinated). We suspect that this room being cleaned less often and having carpet rather than wooden flooring is likely the reason there's fleas *only* in this room.

    The room in question has a carpet, and we've been failing to remove the fleas for a few weeks now, not only that but all of a sudden in the last 2 days we've gone from seeing some jump to our legs every few hours (sometimes not even once in an entire day) to seeing dozens in just a few minutes on one area of the room. We've done extensive cleaning by vacuuming, then vapour blasting with a solution of water, ammonia and vinegar, then spraying some Zotal (a disinfectant and insecticide) around pretty much everywhere, especially on corners and stuff, but not even 8 hours later we were already seeing many fleas jumping on to our legs the moment we stepped into certain areas of the room.

    With the context out of the way, i wanted to ask:

    – Do fleas make nests on carpets/textiles, rather than just on pets? i.e. should we expect an specific place where they're all nesting that we can target to get rid of them and the eggs, or should we expect them to be laying eggs around the entire room given that it's all carpet? If they have nests, it could explain why there seem to be many, many more fleas towards a particular area of the room

    We live in central rural spain if that's of any relevance regarding the specific kind of fleas and their behaviors.

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