I (19M) Just Got CPS Called On My Uncle (40M) By My Therapist


    I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house this weekend and was disturbed. The man drinks all day and acts like a 16-year-old around his kids. He's also the most racist human being I've ever met. This annoyed me but wasn't exactly "abusive" or "illegal." However, things started going south when dinner started on my first night. He has two twins, who are almost three. When one of the boys refused to eat some food, he slapped him in the face and screamed at the child. As you'd expect, the baby only got more upset which made my Uncle angrier. This evolved into more anger and (if I remember) a spanking and time out. The man gets really angry with his kids and yells a lot.

    Later that night, before bed, his kids refused to put their PJs on, and he grabbed one of them, slapped him in the face. The kid still refused to put them on, so he grabbed one by his half-on shirt and angrily told them to put a shirt on.

    Similar things happened, but those are the more severe.

    He's also abusive to his dog, which he sees as an annoyance. He grabs him and moves him. He threatens the dogs.

    When I told my Dad about my Uncle and said, "he's a piece of shit, but he's pretty average for a father. The way you present it makes him seem evil. You lack life experience and don't understand how good you have it."

    In therapy, I told my therapist about my annoyance with my Uncle. I told him about dinner, and she says that by law, she has to report him to CPS anonymously.

    When I began to freak out afterward, my Dad said that there was no abuse and what I did was childish and selfish. He also said to expect an angry phone call from my Aunt if CPS shows up. He also mentions CPS might not do anything. He also told me not to say anything to anyone and hope it dies out. Now I'm scared because I think I exaggerated it a bit. Everything I wrote I KNOW happened, but dad says I'm playing it up because I don't like my Uncle. Now I feel like I've done an awful thing because CPS is gonna show up, and they will know it was me.

    One example is I described it as "hitting" and not "slapping." Which my Dad says are different things and that hitting is wrong, but slapping is different.

    Tl;dr: I told my therapist of my Uncle slapping his kids in the face and screaming at his young kids. My therapist now has to call CPS, and I feel awful.

    What do I do? My therapist says I did something good, but my Dad says I'm doing something awful. I need help.

    I talked to my Mom, who agrees and says I did a great thing! She says it was abuse, and if I hadn't said anything, it would have never been reported.

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