I keep hearing things that sound like someone is breaking in


    I don’t know if anyone can help me with this or can relate, but for the past several months I’ve had 2 incidents now where I swear I hear someone trying to break in. The first time I heard someone walking in the rocks and jiggling my gate, so I immediately called the police in a panic. The other person in my house checked and didn’t see anything. My dogs didn’t react, either. Now tonight I heard the sound of someone trying to open the window. I immediately ran and turned on the outside lights but didn’t see anyone. Again, the other person and dogs didn’t hear or see anything. In March I had scare where I thought someone broke in by breaking the window. I called the police and everything but turns out a large picture fell. Ever since then I keep hearing things. Also, I’m not sure how related this is but sometimes when I sleep I suddenly wake up because it feels like someone either slaps me or bangs me over the head with an object. I physically can hear the sound, too, but don’t feel any pain. This hasn’t happened in a few months but it was around the same time in March.

    This might sound so stupid but I’m at the point where all of this is causing me serious distress and paranoia. For reference I have GAD and an extreme fear of death/being killed. I don’t know if this fear is causing me to experience audio hallucinations or if this is another mental illness at play. I’m really scared and don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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