Infestation I think Phorid flies


    For maybe a month now I have had an issue with flies flying around everywhere in my house. I have cleaned drains with draino, bleach, and baking soda vinegar and hot water. I have moved the fridge oven and dishwasher and vacuumed mopped and scrubbed under it. I cant seem to find any leaks. Although there was one crack base board in my kitchen but I do not have the tools to remove it and fix it so i filled in all the cracks with a foaming spongelike spray that fills in cracks in hopes they cant make it through. But i keep finding them places. I have 2 dogs 2 hamsters and a fish tank but i keep cleaning them and theyre food bowls and tanks and cages but they keep appearing. I have even taped the drains closed trying to see which drain they are escaping from and no traces of them are showing up on the trace.

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