Most Awwmazing Momma Gives Birth To 9 Puppies (Viral Threads)


    There is nothing more amazing in the whole world to experience as an animal parent than watching your itty bitty baby give birth to itty bitty babies. Animal pregnancies are amazing, but they can be really hard to watch, especially when the babies just keep on coming. 

    This doggo momma has had a long, long day, and so did her human parents, bringing to the world a group of 9 tiny puppies with the freshest, most awwdorable little toe beans. We want to thank tobeornottobeme on imgur for sharing this amazing story with the internet and continuing to update us on the developments. What you have done and are doing for these dogs is so amazing, and we wish them and you the most incredible life together. 

    Now get ready for butterflies in your belly and tears of joy in your eyes and take a look at this beautiful story. 


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