My dad’s vibe is so low, and he’s being extremely toxic to everyone around him. -.-


    Just a background:

    Mom and him got divorced. They are both miserable. Mom cheated on dad, dad got a gf, divorce, sisters kicked out, me in jail. I went to jail on FALSE CHARGES because mom was drunk and was being violent with me. I shook her off and she fell down. My little sisters (minors) called the cops and I got hauled away. Now, I'm not condoning my actions. I should have just left. I didn't get charged, and the state let me go after 5 days. ANYWAYS…

    Dad kicked mom out, naturally. My little sisters (18, 16, and 14) and mom all went to live with my other little sister (30). Mom pressured them to do so. When mom left she took basically everything. Dad said she could take whatever she wanted, and boy oh boy, did she… Now, dad is not letting anyone in the house, including me in the beginning. I'm a van lifer, so I'm happy living in my van in his driveway. My van is broken down right now, so I don't have much of a choice. He does let me in to shower and use the bathroom however, but it was after me fighting for it. Btw, my sister (18) left 2 big dogs that are inparticularly bad in our (more like my care. (He's never home, either at work or his gfs.)) I'm doing my best with them, but they are hard to handle.

    The main point:

    Dad's energy is low. He won't meditate or even listen to binarial beats. He can't even think positively at the moment. I somewhat don't blame him. Divorce after 33 years must suck. But is he "happy" with his new gf? It's only a matter of time before he starts treating her like crap too. They are like middleschoolers with thier puppy love. Totally in the honeymoon stage. Good for them, at least for now. But dad HAS GOT to start with some positive thinking, or it will derail. He's way too materialistic and concerned about monetary value. I feel as if it's a ranking system for him seeing as I'm a broke van lifer, and my sister (30) has a big house, 3 kids, 2 dogs, a husband, they both (sister and brother-in-law) have killer jobs. I'm sure they are just slaves to the system, but they provide.

    I'm not about to subconsciously try and raise his vibration. Probably wouldn't work anyway. I showed him crystals. "I don't belive in rocks." I suggest meditation. "I meditate by praying". I show him documentaries, like 'The Secret' (law of attraction). He watches NCIS instead.

    I'm getting tired of trying to show him a good life exists, and when he passes on, his soul will be trapped in the lower realm. Should I try the gf angle? Seems she's the only one in his life with any sort of leverage.

    He's going to die…

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