Grooming a Poodle Named Coda with Massive Matted Fur

In the video, you’ll meet Coda, a poodle with a massive amount of matted fur. The groomer starts off with a size 7 blade but quickly realizes they’ll need to go down to a size 10. Despite the matted fur, Coda is well-behaved and doesn’t try to bite. The groomer saves as much of the face as possible but has to remove some matting. In order to properly groom Coda, the groomer decides to cut off the fur before bathing. By the end of the video, Coda looks much better and the groomer asks viewers to subscribe for more videos and mentions a wish list for those who want to help.

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Shampoo – Ensure you have a good quality shampoo for grooming Coda’s matted fur.

Conditioner – A suitable conditioner is necessary to make Coda’s fur soft and manageable after grooming.

Towels – Don’t forget to have enough towels on hand to dry Coda after bathing.

Happy Hoodies – These Happy Hoodies can help keep Coda calm and relaxed during grooming.

Ear Protection – It’s important to protect Coda’s ears during grooming to avoid any discomfort or harm.

3M Bluetooth Ear Protection – Choose this 3M Bluetooth Ear Protection for advanced ear safety during grooming.

Dryer – A reliable and efficient dryer is essential to dry Coda’s coat thoroughly after grooming.

Watch – It’s always useful to have a watch handy to keep track of the time during the grooming session.

Comb – A good quality comb is necessary to detangle and groom Coda’s matted fur.

Scissors – Use sharp and precise scissors for trimming Coda’s fur, ensuring an optimal groom.

Nail Clippers – Keep Coda’s nails neatly trimmed using these nail clippers.

Muzzles – If Coda tends to become anxious or agitated during grooming, consider using a muzzle for safety.

Breath Spray – Freshen up Coda’s breath with a breath spray specially formulated for dogs.

Perfume – Add a pleasant scent to Coda’s fur with a dog-friendly perfume.

Wishlist – If you would like to support Coda’s grooming journey, you can find our wishlist here.

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Welcome to this comprehensive article about a heartwarming video featuring Coda, a poodle with massive matted fur. In this video, we’ll provide an overview of the grooming process and discuss Coda’s behavior throughout the session. We’ll also explore the different equipment used by the groomer and highlight the need to switch blades. Additionally, we’ll touch on the absence of parasites on Coda and describe another grooming session with Coda’s owner. Finally, we’ll discuss the additional grooming procedures performed on Coda and conclude with the transformation and the groomer’s request for subscriptions and support.

Initial Assessment and Equipment

The video begins with the groomer assessing Coda’s matted fur and deciding to start with a size 7 blade. However, as the groomer delves into the grooming process, they realize that a shorter size 10 blade may be necessary due to the severity of the matting. The groomer explains that the owners had requested to avoid shaving Coda’s head, so they would be careful not to do so.

Coda’s Behavior

Throughout the grooming session, Coda exhibits remarkably good behavior. Despite the discomfort caused by the matted fur and the grooming process, Coda does not attempt to bite or display any aggressive behavior. This is a testament to Coda’s temperament and makes the grooming process much smoother for both Coda and the groomer.

Grooming the Fur

The groomer starts removing Coda’s matted fur using their clippers. They carefully work through the mats, trying to save as much of the face as possible before moving on to the rest of the body. However, due to the extent of the matting, some fur needs to be cut off. To ensure a successful grooming session, the groomer decides to cut off the fur before bathing Coda. This prevents the mats from tightening, making it easier to remove them. The video showcases the astonishing amount of matting, highlighting the importance of this grooming session for Coda’s comfort.

No Parasites Found

During the grooming process, the groomer thoroughly checks Coda’s fur for any signs of fleas or ticks. Fortunately, no parasites are observed on Coda, which is excellent news for both Coda and the groomer. It shows that Coda has been properly cared for in terms of parasite prevention.

Owner Grooming Session

In addition to the video featuring the groomer, there is another segment showcasing Coda’s owner participating in a separate grooming session. The owner takes the initiative to trim Coda’s fur and clean their ears. However, unlike the previous grooming session with the professional groomer, Coda displays resistance and even growls at times. The owner explains that this cautious behavior is due to a recent biting incident, which has understandably made the owner more wary during grooming sessions.

Additional Grooming Procedures

Apart from trimming the fur and cleaning the ears, the grooming session also includes other essential procedures. The groomer trims Coda’s nails to ensure they are at an appropriate length. They also express Coda’s anal glands, a routine procedure in grooming sessions that helps maintain the dog’s overall comfort and hygiene. Then, the groomer proceeds to give Coda a bath using tear-free shampoo and conditioner. After the bath, they dry Coda and perform further grooming to enhance their overall appearance. Notably, a large blade is used to clean up Coda’s feet, providing a neat and tidy finish.


In conclusion, the grooming process showcased in this video has provided tremendous benefits for Coda. Despite the initial severe matting, the groomer successfully removes a significant amount of fur, making Coda feel much more comfortable. Furthermore, the absence of fleas and ticks on Coda is a positive indication of their overall health. Additionally, the video emphasizes the importance of professional grooming and showcases a separate grooming session with Coda’s owner. The transformation in Coda’s appearance is remarkable, and it serves as a testament to the dedicated care provided by both professionals and pet owners. Finally, the groomer concludes the video by requesting subscriptions and support, highlighting the ongoing need for assistance in their mission to help dogs like Coda.